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GMAT Question of the Day – 30/12/2020


Even though the disease has been eliminated in most of Africa, thousands of Sudanese are still in danger of contracting Guinea worm disease, a sometimes crippling disease spread by the Dracunculus medinensis virus.


(E) still have a danger that they will contract


The sentence is concise and idiomatically correct; there do not appear to be any errors, as the proper form is in danger of X’ing. Examine the rest of the choices to be sure that (A) is correct.

The phrases “in danger to X,” “have a danger of X’ing,” and “have a danger that they will X” are all unidiomatic, so eliminate (B), (C), and (E), respectively.

(D) subtly changes the meaning of the sentence. The original sentence states that thousands of Sudanese are in danger of contracting the disease, meaning that they might contract the disease. (D) suggests that thousands of Sudanese have already contracted the disease and are thus in danger. This may be true, but this is not the idea communicated by the original sentence, so eliminate (D). Furthermore, this choice is incorrect because it is missing the necessary “of” after “contraction” to link the underlined portion to the words that follow.

That leaves (A), which is correct.

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